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Documentation Versions 1.0.x

How to use the Eclipse Property File GUI Editor Plugin:


  • Unzip the binary distribution into your "$ECLIPSE_HOME/plugin" directory.

  • Restart Eclipse.

  • After restarting Eclipse got to "Window" » "Preferences" in the menu to open the "Preferences" Dialog.

  • In the opened "Preferences" Dialog select "Workbench" » "File Associations"

  • Under "File types" select "*.properties" and then under "Associated editors" select "Property File GUI editor" and click on the "Default" button.

  • Confirm through clicking the "OK" button.

  • Go to "Window" » "Customize Perspective..." in the menu.

  • Expand "File > New" and check "Property File", confirm with "OK".

Now you are able to open or create ".properties" files. If the property file does not open with this editor then open it with "Open With" in the popup menu of the navigator, selecting "Property File GUI Editor".

  • Double click on a property in the tabel to open the "Edit an existing property..." dialog.

  • Alternatively edit the value or the comment of the property in the text fields "Comment:" and "Value:" respectively. Hit the "Enter" button to confirm (also confirms when the textfields loose the focus).

  • Check a property in the table to comment out a property or uncheck the property in the table to uncomment it.

  • Click the "New Property..." button to add a new property.

  • Click the "Remove Property..." button to delete an existing property.

  • Create, save, save as or delete property files like any other files in the workbench.



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